sabato 11 giugno 2011

LIM - Searching For Intelligence

Here you have the third release by the Runk Camel Records!

Artist: LIM
Title: Searching For Intelligence

Year: 2011
Label: Drunk Camel Records
Cat. Numer: DRUNK0003

Track list:
01. Searching for intelligence - part I
02. Searching for intelligence - part II
03. Searching for intelligence - part III
04. Searching for intelligence - part IV
05. Searching for intelligence - part V
06. Searching for intelligence - part VI
07. Searching for intelligence - part VII
08. Searching for intelligence - part VIII
09. Searching for intelligence - part IX
10. Searching for intelligence - part X
11. Searching for intelligence - part XI
12. Searching for intelligence - part XII
13. Searching for intelligence - part XIII
14. Searching for intelligence - part XIV
15. Searching for intelligence - part XV
16. Searching for intelligence - part XVI
17. Searching for intelligence - part XVII
18. Searching for intelligence - part XVIII
19. Searching for intelligence - part XIX
20. Unsuccess searching - part I
21. Unsuccess searching - part II
22. Unsuccess searching - part III
23. Unsuccess searching - part IV
24. Goodbye to aliens
25. The signal - part I
26. The signal - part II (Laser Decoding)
27. The contact - part I
28. The contact - part II
29. The contact - part III
30. Communications breackdown... baby!

Download here:

Complete artwork (included in the download):



mercoledì 11 maggio 2011


Another cool experiment offered directly by EMP...

Artist: EMP
Title: Cream Of Sonik Soup (Single Disk Version)
Year: 2006/2007
Label: EMP

Track list:

1. Born Synthetic (clone mix) - Prometheus(Unbound)
2. Extemporization #3 with voice
3. Obey Me Now
4. Mysterious Semblence Of Nightmares
5. Pulsar (Live improvisation) remix with voice intro
6. Frani's Dubday Dark matter mix
7. Lazy Day
8. Extemporization# 6 See The World...
9. Nine Eleven Way
10. Rain All over Me (Piani in the rain)
11. Prometheus - End Announcement (Single disc version)

Notes from EMP:

Much of what is here is taken from live improvisation sessions recorded straight from the desk onto 1 single stereo channel.(Though there are a couple of written tracks)Some rough peaks and recordings (due to not getting the recording level rightbefore hitting the stage/starting to play) but we were at the time searching and experimenting with sounds/sound sculpture/live sampling rather than being concerned with getting a good recording...They were originally recorded for our own amusement but then thought others might enjoy the sounds and wish to play with them remix/rework/mash up or whatever. (We still work in this manner) as this is the nature of our output and work ethic.

Download here:

Artwork included in the download

martedì 3 maggio 2011

EPM - Representations of Unseen Colours

Artist: EMP
Title: Representations of Unseen Colours
Year: 2005
Label: A Scrap paper Production

Today we are hosting a work made by EMP and offered for free sharing. This is a collection of improvised Music, Soundscapes and Noise Collages. I wish you a good experience...

Track list - see artwork:

Donwload link:


Include full artwork and music.

venerdì 22 aprile 2011


The second Release from Drunk Alien Records is now available for free download!

Artist: Footpop Kosmische Musique
Title: Aeroscopic
Year: 2011
Cat. Numer: DRUNK0002

Track List:

01. Aeroscopic part 1
02. Aeroscopic part 2
03. Aeroscopic part 3
04. Aeroscopic part 4
05. Aeroscopic part 5
06. Aeroscopic part 6

Download here for free:

Atwork (included on download):




domenica 27 febbraio 2011

THE DRUIDS OF PHOBOS - Spacesheep Commander... It's A Weird Trip (2011)

The First Release from Drunk Alien Records is now available for free download!

Artist: The Druids Of Phobos
Title: Spacesheep Commander... It's A Weird Trip!
Year: 2011
Cat. Numer: DRUNK0001

Track List:

01. Losing Our Captain in A Black Hole
02. Building Up An Electromagnetic Toilet
03. Grope Of The Spacesheeps
04. Ballad Of A Lost Frequency
05. Seld Destruction Process: Deactivated

Download here for free:


Atwork (included on download):





domenica 20 febbraio 2011




1. Grope of the spacesheeps

2. Building up an electromagnetic toilet

3. Losing our captain in a black hole

4. Ballad of a lsot frequency

5. Self destrucion process: deactivated

With the LMI project still in stand by, we'll soon offer you for free this weird trip produced by the Druids Of Phobos...